Anniversary Celebration

Today we celebrate the 13th anniversary of our most beloved team member, Lily Santiago.

We are so incredibly blessed to have her, not just in our office, but in our lives. As many of you know, Lily is the smiling face that greets you in the lobby of our Lansdowne office and the wonderful voice you hear when you dial our phone number. As you also know, that is just the beginning of her contributions to our firm. Lily is truly the ultimate team player as there is never a job that's too tough or a problem she's unwilling to tackle. Her commitment goes far beyond the office, however. It's not unusual for us to find out that Lily has quietly spent her weekend shopping for a sick coworker or visiting a client in the hospital. She's the first one to cook a meal for somebody under the weather (her chicken soup is famous) or bake a favorite dessert for a birthday. Her work with various charitable organizations is simply amazing. Whether it's feeding the homeless, working w ith children in need, helping other cancer survivors, Lily ALWAYS makes time to help! She is a saint, she is a fighter, and we are thankful each and every day that she is a part of our family!