John Savin

Owner and Wealth Advisor at Savin Wealth Management 

John Savin is the Owner and Wealth Advisor at Savin Wealth Management. He is a Registered Financial Representative (Series 7& 63 licenses), a General Securities Principal (series 24 license), an Investment Advisor Representative (series 66 license) and a Florida Licensed Life, Health and Variable Annuity Agent. His passion for financial planning comes from his desire to support people in their efforts to create the kind of life they want to lead. John's goal is to help his clients achieve their win in life and be a positive influence to them. He brings a professional, approachable style and an enjoyable sense of humor to his work as a wealth advisor.

"Clients are always surprised at the simplicity of my financial plans." In my experience, the real challenge lies in seeing the big picture and analyzing all the working parts. By delivering a customized plan that's practical, I help clients clarify the path to their goals. As a native New Yorker, I was instilled with the belief that success starts with a strong family or as most of my close friends and relatives called it Your Fam. A set of principles called F.A.M : Flexible, Accountable, and Measurable , along with having a dependable reputation, integrity in my actions and pure excitement to help others is the cornerstone for my success with clients.

Since 2001, I've been privileged to do this work. The autonomy of being an independent advisor has afforded me the opportunity to help people from all walks of life. It's tremendously fulfilling to help clients make good decisions for their goals and circumstances. As an early 40 yr old professional and father to a young child, I strongly value the importance of future planning. I help other young professionals and families balance their long term goals with their day to day choices. I also assist mature couples and business owners with their financial planning to help them confirm that their diligence and hard work pay off so they can retire. Whether I'm working with business owners, professionals, or other high net worth individuals, all of my clients have one thing in common: the desire to pursue their goals and dreams and to have an experienced professional help them to make smart financial decisions.

In my previous careers in the Health and Real Estate industries, I was responsible for leading clients through unfamiliar territory, manage risk, and help them enjoy the experience. In many ways, this still describes my work, but instead of scrutinizing their nutritional regimen or real estate contracts, I'm analyzing financial wealth and market climate.

When I'm not working, I am spending time with my Fam and friends. On February 13th of 2016, my wife Nelly and I were blessed with a son we named Sean. They are both my motivation to create the life we want to live. We love exploring new places in Florida and eventually branching out to other locations. I also enjoy the pain, benefits and camaraderie doing crossfit. As a new father, I feel it's important for us Dads to share our experiences and concerns in fatherhood, so I will be organizing a group for that cause.

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